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Carrie Kim Patterson, MD

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Women can fall into the high-risk pregnancy category for several reasons, not all of which are cause for alarm. Sometimes, it just means that you can benefit from extra monitoring and preventive care, which Obstetrician Dr. Carrie Patterson provides at her practice in Frisco, Texas. If your pregnancy is considered high risk, make an appointment with Dr. Patterson today to get started on a plan that will best minimize your risk.

High Risk Obstetrics Q & A

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

The simple definition of a high-risk pregnancy is one where the health of the child or the mother may be at risk during the pregnancy. This classification is often precautionary and just means that both mother and unborn baby will be monitored more closely, to catch and treat any potential issues before they pose a serious threat.

What conditions make my pregnancy high risk?

Several conditions automatically put you in the high-risk pregnancy category, such as:

  • Advanced age: if you’re 35 or older, you’re placed in high-risk obstetric care
  • Multiple babies: carrying more than one child is considered higher risk
  • Medical history: pre-existing conditions that may affect you or your baby during pregnancy
  • Lifestyle factors: if you smoke, use drugs, or drink alcohol excessively
  • History of miscarriage: if you’ve had three or more miscarriages
  • Previous complications with pregnancy: a C-section or other complications during a previous pregnancy often places you in the high-risk category
  • A problem with the unborn child: a condition discovered in the baby, such as Down syndrome
  • Infection: the presence of HIV or hepatitis C, which can affect your child

During your initial consultation with Dr. Patterson, either before you get pregnant, or immediately after, she reviews your history, your lifestyle, and your current condition, and discusses whether you should be considered high risk, and what that entails in your specific case.

What is high-risk obstetric care?

High-risk obstetrics cover a wide array of possibilities and conditions, but the bottom line is that the care you receive during your pregnancy is designed to avoid potential complications. Armed with the knowledge that certain risk factors may have an impact on your pregnancy, Dr. Patterson ensures that you receive the appropriate care and monitoring for your situation, which may include:

  • Extra visits
  • Medications and supplements
  • Extra testing, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling, or CVS, which takes a sample of cells from the placenta
  • Additional lab work, such as urine and blood testing
  • Physical restrictions

Each case is different, and Dr. Patterson tailors an approach specific to your situation, allowing for changes and modifications as you progress through your pregnancy.